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Since 1975, Hansen Industries has earned a reputation for quality work in both precision sheet metal and machining. We were one of the first job shops in BC to adopt ISO 9001 quality standards and we are one of the most horizontally integrated metal shops in British Columbia.Our Quality Statement is "Quality On Time" and we measure both of these: our Acceptance Levels are greater than 99% and our On-time Delivery this year is tracking at 97%.

Hansen Industries Ltd. Precision Sheet Metal | Vancouver, BC

Our many services include:

Hansen Industries Ltd. is a privately owned company founded in 1975 in Richmond, British Columbia. Our company has grown from being a supplier of elevator replacement parts to a combined custom precision sheet metal, machine shop, stamping shop and waterjet cutting shop. We have more than 25 pieces of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) equipment and 50 or more manual machines that are used to manufacture metal parts.

We can support our customers through the product conceptualization, prototyping, production and service phases of their product life cycles.

We are committed to customer service and product quality. Service means competitive quotations, design suggestions for product improvement or price reduction, on-time delivery and immediate response to customer inquiries via a networked, integrated and computerized manufacturing control system that tracks jobs through bar-coding. Quality means attention to design, material selection, dimensional accuracy, finishing, aesthetics, inspection and packing with the intention of eliminating rejects or returns.

Typically we will handle all the fabricating, machining, finishing, plating, painting, silk screening, assembly and quality control for our customers resulting in quicker delivery and lower costs. Engineering of custom work is done on CAD/CAM for accuracy and efficiency. Hansen Industries Ltd’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Our Quality Statement is “Quality On Time” and we track reject rates, on-time delivery rates, and accident rates with the objective of continually improving our performance in these primary and other secondary quality objectives.

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