Ed, This email is just to say thank you for your company’s outstanding customer service. I have to say that Hansen is one of the few companies where I can place an order worry free. I know we will receive it with no issues or delays thanks to your team. Wish I had more suppliers like Hansen Ind. Manufacturing Manager, Victoria, BC, August, 2016


Hi Guys, I received the parts, they are made perfect. Thank you all for your good work.
Designer, Medical Device Company

We moved our enclosure business to Hansen at the end of last year. Hansen delivered first articles in a week! Even though we were within lead time production units were delivered on time, with zero negative impact on our business. On a personal note I can't say enough good things about working with M*. She is always ready to help.


Ed; you continue to run an enviably efficient and happy workplace. Congrats to you all.


I have been getting quality parts from Hansen Industries for many years. They are by far the best metal fabricator in the lower mainland. I would recommend them to anyone. Feb 2015


Don't Change anything....you're one of our suppliers that I don't have to worry about or hand hold. I send the PO - I receive a quality product. Thanks Feb 2015


I'm satisfied with my orders from Hansen Ind. I get sheet metal produces from Hansen Industries, which is on the other end of the country from where I am, in Newfoundland. If I looked, I could probably find a closer supplier, but I'm not sure they could do a better job than I'm now getting. The product is not heavy so shipping charges are good. Feb. 21, 2015


Really a very good job on the machining! Never have I done a first run that went as well as it did with you bunch. Its much easier to work with professionals and everyone I have met at your shop has been nothing but that. Everyone from the top down has been accommodating, helpful and a real pleasure to work with. Well done to all of you! 


I wanted to comment on the water cutting you did for us recently. No news is usually good news but we were very happy with the cutting so I didn’t want it to slide by without saying thank you. Regards, B

Good Morning Hansen Team,

Just wanted to Thank You ALL for your effort & prompt action on this urgent order (PO13449). Per my colleague  T-Con with Dave – the first batch of 06-01-** R00 Hydr****** is ready to ship by 1pm today – this will help our Production to keep-up our schedule & satisfying our end user. Once Thank You so much, appreciated. J** Have a great weekend.


On behalf of ABC, I extend our sincere congratulations to Hansen Industries on being the winner of the 2014 Supplier Excellence Award. This award honors your quality standards, on-time delivery, and exceptional customer service. Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment. An award plaque will be shipped to your office in the upcoming week.  Strategic Buyer, June 2014


I just wanted to write a note of thanks with respect to the case prototypes.  We are very happy with them.  D worked hard to make sure the design ended up perfect and S took then through the shop in a timely fashion and at the promised schedule.   Thank you!


Hello D,   Thank you and the Hansen team for completing this PO in the time frame requested. 
Our name for such an accomplishment is being a "Difference Maker", you guys were all of that.
Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2013,
Imaging Company, Service Supply Chain Planner/Buyer


 Hi Ed,    ............I would like to tell you that I am very impressed with your company.


I studied mechanical engineering in Germany and worked as an engineer in Germany and the US before moving to Canada in 2003. Since then I have worked with many Canadian custom manufacturing companies in the Atlantic Provinces, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and BC as all companies I have worked for had limited production capabilities.

Most companies specialize in one or two machining operations and as a customer you end up dealing with three or more companies just for the mechanical production. It is so nice to be able to have one company machine everything. This really reduces the project management effort.


But apart from the convenience of available production capabilities  your company is the first which takes quality and customer service really seriously. Something I have not seen since leaving Germany. I have dealt with a few companies which really showed that an ISO 9000 certification only stands for consistency not actual quality. It is nice to deal with a company that delivers quality products and has professional employees. Everybody I have talked to or exchanged emails with at Hansen is very friendly and professional. You made very good personnel choices.


 I wish you a healthy and successful 2012. Mechanical Engineer, Global Technology Company, Jan. 2012.


Dear ML, We just received the finished table yesterday.  The quality is excellent, we are very pleased.  Thanks for getting this done on time. You really came through for us on this one.  Impressive! Manufacturing Engineer, Multinational Marine Company, Nov. 2011.


Hi D, it was a pleasure to meet with you today. Thanks sincerely for your quick help under short notice with the Black Delrin sheets which we desperately needed. With your help, we were able to machine out some parts and ship them out today to our customer site! We really appreciated your help as we could not have done it ourselves. Take care, and we hope that we can do more business with you for machining requirements as they may come up next.


All my requests for quotes, no matter how large or small the quantities involved, are responded to within a couple of days. 


The number one reason I take Hansen with me wherever my career takes me is quality. In the few quality issues I have experienced Hansen has always come through and corrected the issue quickly and without complaint. I have been working with Hansen since 2004 and in all that time I have never been left waiting for parts. Even when faced with tight delivery dates Hansen has always come through for me - even if it meant shipping parts to us on the Helijet. This is the number two reason I use Hansen.


When I began working for my current employer they only had two or three parts with Hansen. I took stock of our part usages and immediately noted several parts that could be produced in Hansen's stamping shop. Since then we have moved several parts to Hansen's sheet metal and stamping shops and got some great cost savings and quality improvements. Mechanical Engineer, Multinational, Dec. 2010


As a purchasing professional I have dealt with Hansen Industries for over twenty years. When I have changed companies I have always re-established my business relationship with Hansen; as I know and trust their work and their commitment to make and deliver quality products at a cost effective price on time. Purchasing Manager, Fuel Cell Company


I have always received a quick response by email or phone, accompanied by a formal document outlining the job to be done. I appreciate how prompt and complete the communication is from Hansen.


We love ML. She's always there to help us out when we need it.


Your sales team thinks of things that I should have thought of...always to our mutual benefit!


Hansen is one of our best suppliers when it comes to on-time delivery. This is has and will continue to result in more work coming your way.


On time delivery performance for fiscal 2010 (July 2009 to June 2010) was 100%.


Whenever we call we are usually in a rush. Your company has not let us down at all. You’re on time with high quality work. Thank you

The thing we like about dealing with Hansen Industries is their professionalism when attending to our odd requests for different metal parts we need made.


Requested rush parts have always been delivered on or before the date requested. A number of times I know extra effort went in to make sure this happened in order to meet our critical deadlines.


Delivery is generally great and for urgent requests we have seen this come down by a few days from past experience. Normally you have helped our lead times when it was necessary.


The lead-times were better than average compared to other companies providing similar products and the deliveries were as expected. I found it particularly helpful that company representatives kept us up-to-date with the progress so we knew exactly when the parts were coming.


First-class assistance from the machine shop crew with some orders that required quick turnaround.


We are very fussy about quality and have very specific requirements for our parts; unfortunately our drawings do not reflect the esthetic quality we require. Your team has been great in working with us to achieve the results we are after.


Product quality has been exceptionally great and I know that everyone in your team from CEO level to the production team take great pride in achieving top quality in deliverables. Keep up the good work!


Hansen has always gone out of their way and great lengths to ensure the product we have had manufactured would be exactly as we envisioned it to be. Even when we have had problems with finishing ML and AC have always taken our concerns seriously and always resolved the issues. It is appreciated.


Absolutely. The quality of the parts is outstanding. Doing goods-in checks on your parts is enjoyable, as opposed to extremely stressful for some other fabricators.


Product quality has always been very good with Hansen. Most impressive though is their response time in reacting to any quality issues.


I requested a quote to modify a part to enlarge a hole. My initial options were to add a secondary operation at a higher part cost or a new $10K tool. Another individual at Hansen got involved and it was determined that Hansen could hold the current price and make the necessary changes to the tool by changing out a single punch at a minimum cost.


Our experience to date has been a very positive one. All expectations have been met!


I would like to take this opportunity to say how pleasurable it is to deal with the people at Hansen and a special thanks to ML, AC and WC.


In September 2010 we were in a jam because we had mistakenly not ordered enough of one part. I called on Hansen and you guys stepped up huge and produced the part and had it to me within 10 days. It saved us!!!


I placed an order with you folks and was pleased with the results. The timeline worked and the price was competitive. I like the fact that your shop is multi-disciplined which was very nice as the project at hand was on a tight timeline. It saved me from going to many different manufactures to discuss the different parts.


Once again, I would like to thank all at Hansen who help get me my products in the reduced time line. We are moving very quickly and Hansen was able to keep up and go us what we required.


In manufacturing, consistency of the parts that we use to assemble our products is a top priority. We have always had the utmost in consistent product from Hansen Industries. As well, we have always been afforded prompt and courteous customer support. What more could we ask for?


The communication and response to our needs and the willingness to work with us to provide a quality product has been and is what helps make Hansen Industries Ltd a great supplier to work with.


We phoned on a Friday afternoon to get some glastic waterjet cut. You guys stayed late Friday and came in on Saturday to complete it. We were able to complete the job ahead of our delivery date.


As far as we at XDL are concerned there is nothing you could do to improve anything as you can see from above we have no complaints whatsoever.


The reaction time of replacing an order that was non-conforming was quite impressive. We received the order on a Friday that was a must have for production on that day. When the part came in we realized it was made incorrectly. Hansen was able to deliver new parts the very next day painted and all. Well Done!


Hansen Industries has a personal with a good customer services aptitude there are very pleasant.


Thank you for labeling the boxes of parts with the PO, part number & revision. It really helps when it comes to inspection & inventory of parts. Would love to see that information somewhere inconspicuous on the parts so that once the packaging materials are gone we still have that info, mind you we could probably ask for that on our drawings.


You have excellent communication during your quoting process to your order acknowledgment. I particularly enjoy speaking to the professionals in the quotation department for new jobs, and to the shop foreman for our RUSH jobs to help us out!


I have had very useful discussions with Hansen staff, especially involving sheet metal parts. I am new to designing for sheet metal and Hansen has been very helpful answering my questions and giving me helpful suggestions.


I was impressed with the professionalism and attitude of the people, the well-established processes and management's commitment to provide a superior customer experience. This year we awarded Hansen a set of orders and were not at all disappointed. Congratulations Hansen Industries! You represent British Columbia's manufacturing community well!


I am very happy with Hansen. I have worked with other machine shops and always had to make a choice of who I would go to based on price and quality. I could get good quality but it would push my budget or a good price but I inevitably would have quality problems. With Hansen we always get good quality at a good price.


Hansen has been instrumental in our company's first two years. As a young company we are learning and Hansen has assisted AUS with our product development, growth and stability. We never hesitate to refer business to Hansen. Thank you.


Always professional.

Always in time.

Always good quality.


I have been very happy with Hansen Industries. We have had a number of jobs done and the work has always been excellent right down to the packaging for shipping. We have used your water jet, sheet metal and machining expertise and have always been happy with the work done. A special thanks to DB.


We are pleased with Hansen's performance as a key supplier to both our serial production and prototyping business. Working closely with Hansen we have achieved cost targets as well as inventory targets. We hope to continue to grow our business together.


We went to Hansen for our cart system. The whole experience was great. Quality craftsmanship, friendly service and excellent attention to detail. I really do not have anything negative to say, our experience with Hansen Industries was very positive. We got exactly what we asked for in a timely fashion. Great Job!


When we have had issues with the products, they have either been credited or corrected in a timely fashion. I cannot say the same for some of our other suppliers who compete with Hansen.


Good afternoon everyone,  I just want to thank everyone at Hansen Industries again for taking the time to show XYZ and guests around your facilities and answering all of our questions.  The feedback I received was very positive.  The laser and tower was impressive and one common remark was how clean your facility was.  Again thanks for your hospitality. Nov 8, 2010, Multinational Manufacturing Company


There are few times that we get to be part of a high performance team that delivers amazing results with almost no time to do so. We (all of us) did just that at XYZ Trade Show, and thought it was worth recognizing and celebrating. Please accept our deep gratitude for all your efforts! Enjoy this basket and toast to this and all future projects we will be embarking on together. Sincerely, Technology Team, Vancouver Technology Company,     Nov 1, 2010.


I mentioned this briefly on the phone to you, but I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with the quality of the sheet metal parts you delivered.  This is some of the highest quality work we’ve received.  Our preliminary QC had everything lining up perfectly.  We will certainly be coming back to you for subsequent runs. Thanks, P.E. Head of Manufacturing, High Technology Company, Oct 25, 2010.


Hi F&M,

We have a big problem that we really need your help with. The latch that was made by you guys was made as per the drawing but we found an issue where it does not work with another part. The other part cannot be remade as it is a molded plastic part with a 60 day lead time.  The attached two drawings are for XYZ and we need 10 of each for Friday of this week.


We had sent these to a local shop that turns small quantities around in a couple days but their Laser broke down last night and they cannot help us out. I will be ordering 25 of each next week for our first production run but these 10 are absolutely urgent. Can you please take a look at the drawings and reply as soon as possible if you can make these in time frame requested?


Thanks! Director of Manufacturing, Calgary High Tech company, Sept 28, 2010


We will do a model tonight and we can finish it tomorrow. Will ship Thursday. 
Hansen Industries, Sept 28, 2010


Hi F. Attached is the PO# 1234 for the latches. You can ship Fedex Next Day by 10:00am. This is amazing that you guys can do this for us and I will make sure it is shared with my staff!!
Thanks again, Director of Manufacturing, Calgary High Tech company, Sept 28, 2010


AC, "Please let everyone at Hansen know that XYZ sends a tremendous thank you for all of your diligent efforts in meeting our deadlines", JH, Multinational Engineering and Manufacturing Firm, August 27, 2010


Ed, "Your company sounds pretty interesting and also like it has a lot of heart (great testimonials on your website!" Consultant, August 18, 2010


"Hansen Industries demonstrated a highly effective quality program. Though all systems if investigated in depth will result in non-conformance findings, Hansen Industries has been identified among those few whose quality program includes preventive action monitoring as feedback for continual improvement. Maturity of Hansen Industries' quality program is commendable."  July 21, 2010 Summary comments from Subcontractor Audit performed by an Avionics firm.


Hi ML,

As we discussed, we at XYZ would like to extend our thanks to all the members of your team who have made the FPR project a success.


While you and I are most often interacting on an individual basis, believe me, we realize that it takes the efforts of many people to get the results that Hansen has repeatedly delivered.


We also know that at times our deadlines were very tight and our standards were very high. It takes a special vendor and partner to handle these types of projects, and we are very appreciative of the efforts of the team at Hansen.


So – please pass along our thanks to the people “on the ground” who handled the real heavy lifting! We know how hard they worked, and we are very grateful,


"Got the most raddest medals ever.   


“, June 14, 2010 I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for sponsoring the Cardiac Classic bike race on the weekend.  I was unable to race this year but both my Son and Daughter did.  You should have seen the smiles on their faces when they were presented with the medals. 
Thanks so much for supporting the cycling community and the young up and coming racers. 
Best Regards, JD
 General Manager, Western Canada, June 14, 2010

Good morning Frank, 
My thanks to you and D__ and M__ for not only finishing the brackets quickly but getting them here the same day, it made a big difference to us,
Thanks and Best regards, JH, President, CEO, remote control systems company, June 10, 2010


Ed,  My God, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Absolutely stunning, I love it. 
Thanks a lot!  You're the best. EC,  PhD, PEng, Project Engineer 


The people at Hansen guided me in my design to ensure the part was manufacturable and wouldn’t warp, and were extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process!  For my application water jet cutting was recommended as the best option, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result!


"Thank you SO MUCH for your assistance. I am sorry about that! I am so lucky that you had 4 in stock! I really appreciate your help with my issue! Take care!"


"I am sorry to ask for your help. I just realized that I don’t have any more XYZ’s on order. I thought I still had some coming in of the old rev. and am going to be short for June’s production run. 
I made this error and I am so sorry but I desperately need a favor for you to run 3 of these as soon as humanly possible. Here is the new drawings, but if that would slow you down too much you are welcome to make the old revision. I am hoping that you might be able to get 3 for me for June 11th? I know it’s crazy…Let me know what you think."
Strategic Purchaser, Vancouver Island Manufacturer, June 3, 2010

"Ed, In general I want to thank you and the Hansen team for supporting XYZ to date.  2010 has been difficult to date, and we are finally starting to see the orders we expected 8 months ago.  ML and the entire team are very supportive and their customer service is second to none.  I look forward to signing off on some larger POs to Hansen in the near future.
President, Green Energy Firm, May 10, 2010

"Ed, Thank you very much for doing that work for me. I installed it last night and works perfect." 
President, BC Transportation Company, May 18, 2010


"Hi D, Thank you very much. I spoke with  KD and advised her that the Expected Time of Arrival of the finished extrusions, complete with full paperwork, was tomorrow morning.
Many thanks to you and the Hansen Industries team for hand-holding this important order and expediting it the way you did.  It has been a great help to us and is very much appreciated by all of us at ******".
Thank you again for your continued support."
AR, Supply Chanin Manager, Electronics Company, April 29, 2010


"I also wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for the Factory Tour.  It was very educational and well organized. Here is your December order."
ST, Lighting Company, November 23, 2009


" Hey Ed, its H, I just picked up the prototype, and I love it, oh my goodness, this is cool, cool stuff man, wow. Anyway, thanks again I owe you a big one here for getting this ready so quickly, I will talk to you soon."
HF, President, Lighting Automation, November 12, 2009. 


"I'd just like to state that in your absence this past month, D____ has been of great assistance in coordinating and delivering on our machining needs on this development project. He was consistently able to meet and discuss our ever changing requirements, and maintained a very professional and polite demeanor despite what must have been otherwise frustrating number of design changes and rush demands asked of him from me. Such is the nature of development work, I suppose. His advice was expert and it is a pleasure to work with him.
In light of this, he should be commended for the work he has done while filling in for you.
Best regards,"
- RH, PEng, MBA, Founder, Engineering Company, Nov. 6, 2009.


"Hi EP, I'm getting a bit low on B12345's and was wondering if there's any chance of pulling in my PO # 1234 for 50 pcs. at all? I originally put a required date of Nov. 6th on the PO, but it looks like I'll be out of stock by then. Please advise?" BH
"Good Morning EP, We received the B12345's yesterday. Thanks again for your help/efforts!"
- BH, Buyer, Electronics Manufacturer, October 27, 2009"Thank you very much you have told me more in this email than I have been able to find out in years. Regards."

- R.K., Oct. 13, 2009“My/our experience with Hansen has been exceptional. You make my job easy by not having to worry about delivery from Hansen.”
- S.T., Operations Manager 

“You go out of your way to reach our expectations ie. rush orders.”
“We are getting exceptional service from Hansen Industries, Thank you!”
- M.W., Director of Manufacturing

“Good people, good quality.”
- B.B., Material Logistics & EHS

“We like your process for order acknowledgment.”
- B.S., CEO 

“If there are any problems, they are dealt with swiftly."
- P.B., Inside Sales 


“Thank you for the excellent support and keeping us updated on the progress of these parts. Really appreciated what you gents were able to do to allow us to meet our deadlines. Thanks and regards.”
- H.A. Global Manufacturing Operations Manager 

“I just wanted to thank you for getting my PO 1532 through as quickly as you did. You’ve helped us keep one of our customers in Calgary happy. Because of your efforts I’ll be able to ship them their order tomorrow as promised.”
- B.H., Purchaser

“We are very happy overall with your timely delivery and the fact that you call if there are questions or problems. The overall finished product is excellent.”
- J.N. 

“Thank you from all of us. We truly appreciate all of your efforts in filling our order in such a short period of time!” 


 “Working with Rob has been excellent!”
- L.C., Senior Purchaser 

“Your diversification within Hansen Industries (services) makes one want to use a one-stop-shop.”
- D.L., Materials Manager 

“Thank you for your good service.”
- S. S., President 

“Keep up the great work & service.”
- C.M., General Manager 

“Always trying to help, rush delivery before confirm delivery time. Thank you.”
- J.J., Purchasing – Inventory Manufacturing 

 “Your commitment to your customers’ needs is admirable.”
- R.H., Sales & Marketing Manager 

“Pleasure working with you.”
- T.C., Mechanical Designer 

“Greeting and Happy Holidays! The start of winter has been an exciting time for us with the launch of ____. On behalf of the entire ____ team, we wanted to pass along a heartfelt thanks for all your assistance in helping make that a reality.
- JP., CEO 


“ I have had good response from Hansen Industries. To me, you provide good quality products, which is my main concern as QA Manager. First article parts sometimes need work, but the good news is that you respond to our feedback and typically send us great parts from then on. This says a lot about Hansen, as some of our parts are very complicated and difficult to manufacture.”
- R.P., QA Manager

“Our purchasing department is very happy with the service received from Hansen. A quote from Purchasing Manager: “if they (Hansen) were in Alberta, we would do more business with them.” Thanks for your service over the past year.”
- M.P., Quality Manager

“Dear EB,
I would like to thank the Hansen team for their continued support and for the ‘bend over backwards customer service’ ABCD recently received.

Hansen has been a preferred supplier of both sheet metal and machined parts to ABCD for the past several years and there have been several occasions when both departments have given us exceptional turnaround times – the most recent occurrence prompted this letter.

ABCD is an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) in the aviation industry. As such, there is the occasional occurrence when a completely unexpected and exceptionally urgent requirement for a part comes up. That was the case this past Tuesday.

Knowing that you had no overruns in stock and that asking for a 24 hour turnaround would be pushing my luck – I nonetheless called Hansen that afternoon. Two quick phone calls, one e-mail and 24 hours later – the parts were ready to ship to us! We were able to meet our customer’s urgent requirement. Thank you.

Please extend our appreciation to the entire Hansen team for coming through for us yet again!

Thanks again for your continued support.”
- A.R., Supply Chain Manager


Thanks! From the entire team at XYZ!  WTProject Management, Electronics Firm, July 19, 2010