Okuma Lathe

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CNC Machining

The machine shop uses a combination of Haas, Okuma, and Bridgeport CNC equipment as its’ core equipment. We use a 4th axis rotary table, bar feeders, chip conveyors, quick change tooling, and a custom vacuum vise to increase the efficiency of the machines. The milling machine features include geared heads, tapping heads, and glass laser etched linear scales. In addition to CNC equipment, we have a full complement of manual lathes, milling machines, cut-off saws, extrusion saws, and drilling stations for quick prototyping and short production runs.

Our strength is manufacturing non-ferrous precision parts with tolerances up to +/- .0005". Ninety percent of the machined parts we deliver occupy less than a cubic foot.

 CNC Milling
Machining Envelope X Axis- 64"
Y Axis- 32"
Z Axis- 30"
Table Size   64" x 28"  
Maximum Weight   4000 lbs.  
Maximum Spindle Speed   10000 r.p.m.  
Positional Accuracy   +/- 0.0002"  
Repeatability   +/- 0.0001"  

2 and 3-axis machines, 4th axis capability with use of rotary table.

CNC Turning
Maximum diameter 
*bar feeder, through spindle 2.2" (56.8 mm)
 *chuck work and between centres  9.8" (249 mm)
Swing over bed 15.75" (400mm)
Maximum work length between centres 15.00" (381mm)
Speed range 75-4200 r.p.m.
Maximum Weight
*chuck work 264 lbs.
*centre work 600 lbs.
Manual Milling
Maximum Weight   300 lbs..  
Machining Envelope X Axis- 30"
Y Axis- 12"
Z Axis- 12"
Manual Turning
Maximum diameter 
*chuck work 17.5" (445mm)
*swing over bed 12.0" (305mm)
Maximum work length 
*between centres 72" (1,829 mm)