Click on the photo below to watch a video of the Mitsubishi NX laser in action.

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Laser Cutting

Our Mitsubishi Laser Processing System is now operational. We have a 16 shelf tower that is capable of holding 96,000 pounds of raw material and programmable over/under unload carts that can handle 22,000 pounds of material before we have to intervene. The system can load, cut and unload 5'x10' sheets of metal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week largely unattended. The NX is Mitsubishi's fastest laser system using a 4000 watt resonator to drive a flying optics bed. Because the material does not move while being cut, it minimizes scratches and reduces the need for micro-joints often eliminating the need for post processing. For information on this service give our President a call or come in for a free tour.


You can watch a youtube video on Mitsubishi lasers by clicking here.




Assist Gas

Rating (1)

Maximum Thickness (2)

Accuracy (Rating)


Mild Steel Oxygen 1.0" (25.0mm) 1.0" (25.0mm) +/-.005" +/-.002"
Mild Steel  Nitrogen .25" (6.3mm) .25" (6.3mm) +/-.005" +/-.002"
Stainless Steel Nitrogen .375" (9.5mm) .75" (19.0mm) +/-.005" +/-.002"
Aluminium Nitrogen .375" (9.5mm) .5" (12.7mm) +/-.005" +/-.002"

(1) Rating: we can cut this thickness continuously in an operational environment in full automation mode, 24 hours a day.
(2) Maximum thickness: we can cut this thickness with an operator watching for overheating, edge quality, burr quality. Our success depends on the part geometry, material composition and desired finish.

ML3015NX-40 Machine Specifications 

Processing Machine Specifications
Machine Structure
X-Y Precision Rack & Pinion,
Z Precision Linear Drive
Travel Drive Method
X-Y-Z Simultaneous 3-axes (Z axis height control is also possible)
Max. Workpiece Size (in.)
120.1 x 60.0
Table Pass Height (in.)
Processing Access
Manual Door
Pallet Changer
X-Axis Stroke (in.)
Y-Axis Stroke (in.)
Z-Axis Stroke (in.)
Rapid Travel (X,Y) (in./min.) 4724 (single axis), 6680 (simultaneous)
Max Processing Feedrates (in./min.)
Positioning Precision (in.)
0.0019/20 (X, Y axis, 0.0039/4 (Z-axis))
Repeatability (in.)   ±0.00039 (X, Y axis)
Drive Motor Type
 Intelligent Smart Serve
Max Workpiece Weight (lb.)
Machine Unit Dimmensions (WxDxH) (in.)
440.4 x 94.5 x 190.3
Machine System Weight (lb.)
(40CF-R) 33,070
Installation Dimmensions (WxD) (in.)
491.3 x 346.9
Floor Space Req. (sq. ft.)
Machine Power Requirements
71 KVA
30 208 VAC
± 5% 60 Hz
202 Full Load AMPS

Additional Features  
4000W configuration  
Agile Z-axis with arc evade and high-speed height sensor for top-speed cutting
New structural configuration handles forces up to 4 Gs in Z-axis and 2 Gs in X- and Y-axes
Diamond-Path Technology™ provides beam stability at speeds up to 2,360 inches per minute
High-reflection, low-distortion mirrors
One-piece cast frame
M700 Control touch screen with NANO technology
CF-R unique resonator 
Windows® XP operating system 
Full side covers provide greater safety 

Full machine Specifications