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Metal Stamping

When sheet metal volumes approach 500 to 1000 per run then metal stamping should be considered. We build dies in house that are dedicated to one or two parts. The dies can do blanking and/or forming and they can be simple dies or progressive multi-stage dies. We have over 20 traditional open gap presses that range up to 100 tons. We often buy the material in coils and use decoilers, straighteners and feeders to prepare the material for entry into the press and die. Typical runs are 500 to 10,000 but what is most important is that the job repeats itself so that the cost of the die can be justified.

A Metal Stamping Die can range from $500 to $15,000 depending on the complexity of the part. Part cost often comes down by an order of magnitude when compared to CNC or manual fabrication.

metal stamping