robotic welding

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Robot Welding

Our robotic welding cell has an Integrated Panasonic six-axis arm, controller and Power Supply. The Panasonic Welding equipment is coupled to an indexing table with PLC control that allows continuous welding operation.

What welding tasks are suitable for automation?

The short answer is repetitive tasks on similar pieces. The number of items of any one type to be welded must be high enough to justify the upfront cost of programming and building holding jigs.

What types of welding can the robot do?

The robot performs Mig welding on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Spot welding is also possible for a robotic welder. The weld quality is more consistent than manual welding and often does not require post weld grinding because of the absence of splatter. It will weld in blind corners and inside edges effortlessly.

Panasonic VR-004 ArmPanasonic VR-004GII

The VR-004GII is a member of the VR-GII series of 6-axis versatile industrial robots. The VR-GII series feature high-performance manipulators that can be used for a host of automated applications including: CO2 /MAG/pulse MIG/TIG welding, Air plasma cutting, Material handling/machine tending.

Driving the speed and performance are the advanced 64-bit RISC processors in the robots, along with a compact design, wide working envelope, brakes that come standard on all six axes, patented offset wrist design, and a control pendant with 7" screen and color user-interface powered by Microsoft Windows® CE.


Integrated Robotic Welding Cell

The Panasonic Robotic Arm is integrated to a Panasonic Digitally Pulsed Welding Unit and a Panasonic Power Supply. These three integrated units are attached to an air driven welding turntable that allows the operator to load parts on one station while the second station is being welded. The welding cell has safety doors and interlock features that prevent the operator from entering the welding area during operation. The robot is trained using an operator pendant and the programs are saved by part number for easy recall.