Hansen Industries Precision Components for Manufacturing Companies Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Wire EDM

Currently, we are not accepting any outside EDM work. We will happily refer you to qualified outside vendors.

Wire Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)

Sodick Wire EDM Fine A320F

Table Travel

320x205x175 mm

12.5x8.0x6.8 in

Maximum Workpiece Size

780x600x175 mm

30.7x23.6x6.8 in

Maximum Workpiece Weight

350 kg

770 lbs

Taper angle

+/10 deg./100 mm

+/10 deg./3.9 in

Wire Diameter

.1 to .3 mm

.004 to .012 in


We recently purchased a Sodick Wire Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) for use in our Tool and Die Shop. EDM is the highest resolution cutting process that we have. Typical accuracies are +/-.0001".

Wire EDM machining is a process used to cut through metal using a wire submersed in deionized water. Electricity is run through the wire, resulting in an electrical charge that burns through even the hardest of metals. The table and top and bottom arms are made of ceramics which has unrivaled insulating properties.

Fine Sodick A320F Super precision 4 axis CNC Wire erosion machine