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We belong to the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association (CME).  As part of the CME we are active in the Manufacturers Executive Committee (MEC) where CEO's and top level executives of manufacturers meet monthly to help each other compete and improve. The MEC is always looking for new members who are interested in growing and improving their businesses through Lean Manufacturing, Industry tours and networking relationships.

We have been a member of The Executive Committee (TEC) since 2003. TEC is a leadership organization for the personal and professional development of Chief Executives.

Some of our employees belong to APICs which is the Association for Operations Management. We belong to both the Richmond and Fraser Valley branches.

The Professional Metalforming Association (PMA) is a great source of sheet metal information and are associated with the Fabtech International and AWS Welding shows that are held in Chicago and other major American cities. is a great website for sheet metal fabrication. It has buyer's guides for equipment and is a good jumping off point for information.
Modern Machine Shop is a great on line and hard copy information source for machining.

Originally the American Society For Testing and Materials (ASTM) is now known as ASTM International and is now one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world.
ASM International is a Materials Information Society

Sheet Metal Information including gauge information can be found at WikiPedia.
Basic Machining information can be found on Wikipedia.


Some customers need Industrial Design help beyond what we can provide and many go to FORM3. Alex Feldman, is a Partner in this company.

For Metal Finishing Information you can go to the websites of:

You can get infomation on fasterners here:   and
To get information on welding gases:
The following supply sheet metal and extrusion:

Equipment Manufacturers

Machine Shop

Haas makes milling machines and lathes in California:
Okuma is a Japanese company that makes lathes and milling machines:
Iemca makes bar feeders for lathes.
This is the site for Bridgeport milling machines, the industry standard for knee mills: 
This is the site for the EDITCNC program that we use in house CNC Consulting Inc. produces software for machinists and CNC programmers.

Sheet Metal Shop

Trumpf manufactures lasers and punch presses:
Amada makes sheet metal fabrication equipment:
Panasonic makes welding robots:
This is the company that packages robotic welding cells:
This company manufactures in-line finishers: 
Mitsubishi manufactures lasers and automation systems

Waterjet Cutting Shop

Omax makes waterjet machining centres:

Laser Cutting Shop

Laser cutting is efficient when cutting curves in thin gauge sheet metal. Punching is still faster if there are many holes and water jet machining is more efficient when material thickness is over .5 inches. We recently installed a fully automated Mitsubishi 4,000 watt laser processing system designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unattended. 

Stamping/Tool & Die Shop

Hardened dies need high precision and hardened punch and die sections. These sections are cut on a Japanese Sodick Wire Electronic Discharge Machine (EDM). A fine brass wire under high voltage sparks its way through tough metals in a de-ionized water bath. This allows square corners and accuracies in the range of +/- .0001".