Laser-cut Star Wars Spaceship Models

The capabilities of Laser Cutting are endless! 

Once in a while we come by a cool project that even amazes us! We get the oportunity to work on a variety of difference projects and we have a ton of fun working with our clients to creat unique solutions. We thought you might like these Laser Cut Starwars Spaceship Models.

Laser cutting allows us to create intercate and detailed designs when working with metal. If you have an idea in mind and your not sure if laser cutting is an option, contact us! We would love to get the conversation started and show you how to use this amazing technology for your next project. 

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Metal - An Art
At Hansen Industries, we have the opportunity to work with metal everyday. The best part of our jobs is seeing our client's projects come to life. For us, this is an art. It's amazing what metal is capable of creating. 

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Product Spotlight: Laser Cutting


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Eptech Seminar; The Turtle Wins the Race

The Turtle Wins the Race!
Presented by: Edwin Beange, President, Hansen Industries Ltd.
June 1, 2017, Time: 10:00AM, Upper Foyer, Hard Rock Casino, Coquitlam

This seminar will consist of two parts:
1) An overview of the latest technology, equipment, and production methods used to manufacture hardware for the electronics industry. How to get parts that resemble what you designed.
2) Developing a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Electronics Industry.
Hansen Industries supplies sheet metal and machined parts to electronics companies. Started in 1975, Hansen has survived in an industry where there are hundreds of competitors selling similar services, many of them pricing themselves into bankruptcy. Ed Beange is an engaging and funny speaker who will show how the use of leadership, innovation and automation will help keep manufacturing in Canada by adapting to constant change. Ed has been the keynote speaker at conferences for dentists, engineers, new immigrants and quality groups. If you don’t have a year and a half or $50,000 to do an MBA, come to this seminar instead. He will motivate you to perform at a new level.




Product spotlight: Metal Stamping


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MMP Pane Discussion with our President




Limited Seating Available

Don't miss a morning panel discussion with three prominent B.C. manufacturers!
The session will discuss challenges in the marketplace, government involvement in industry, and the effect of U.S. market pressures in western Canada.
Come learn how top manufacturers are addressing the pressing issues of the day. Discuss with your peers the way forward to manufacturing success in 2017 and beyond.

Moderator: Andrew Wynn-Williams, Divisional Vice President, British Columbia, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters


Vanessa Heim, Strategic Development Manager, Brenco Industries Ltd.


Edwin Beange, President, Hansen Industries Ltd.


MM&P Expo May 2, 2017
Hansen Industries Ltd.
is inviting you to the Metalworking Manufacturing & Production Expo 

DEX and MMP are table-top tradeshows where engineers, product developers, machine builders and systems integrators can discuss, network, and solicit advice on the latest technologies and applications that drive their businesses.


Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Theatre

2080 United Blvd.
Coquitlam, BC



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Vancouverite holding shoe with sheet metal screws

The weather in the lower mainland took everyone by surprise these past few months. With temperatures dropping and the city streets becoming ice rinks – it became a problem – especially for athletes. For those used to running outside every day, the weather can be a huge issue especially when you don’t own a treadmill. Running outside during black ice season is not exactly worth risking your life, not for your daily workout. Vancouver is home to hikers, runners and yogis and this group definitely took matters into their own hands…. or feet? 


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ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

We are proud to be one of the first fabricating companies in BC to upgrade to the latest ISO-9001 2015 standard.



Hansen wins coveted Quality Award

Today our customer acknowledged our perfromance with a quality award!


New Trumpf TruBend 7036 Machine


Another Happy Customer! Vanier Cyclocross 2015

Another happy customer!


Vanier Park Cyclocross

Once again we are sponsoring the Vanier Park Cyclocross Race. Hansen makes the finisher medals for the adult and kids races.

Click here if you want to race or volunteer?


New Verical Milling Machine

We took delivery of an Okuma Genos Vertical Milling Machine!


New 5' x 10' Omax 60120 Waterjet has arrived!

We now have two waterjets! Our new 60120 with a cutting envelope of 5' x 10' and our rebuilt 55100 with a cutting envelope of 4' x 8'. Both machines have Tilt-A-Jet heads that eliminate taper at the cut. The machines can cut thickness up to 12". Call us for a quote.


Video Clip of a Progressive Die



Cardiac Classic, August 10 2014


The Cardiac Classic is back in 2014 and this year it will play host to the 2014 Provincial XC mtb championships on behalf of Cycling BC. You don’t have to be a lycra clad racer type to participate. Our event will have opportunities for everyone to have fun and challenge themselves.


A tragedy in BC



Cyclocross Finisher Medals 2013

Canadian Olympian Catharine Pendrel (center) is seen here wearing a Medal manufactured by
Hansen Industries Ltd., and designed by Bluefish Studios. Hansen employees donate time to
charitable organizations and the medals are donated as a way of giving back to the community.


Richmond News Company Profile


The Hansen Industries Ltd. Canadian National Cyclocross Championships. 

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Hansen Featured in Canadian Metalworking Publication


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Trumpf TruBend 5130

We have now installed a new 10 foot Trumpf Trubend 5130 Brake Press.


World Sailing Record, 65 knots over 500 metres!


Year To Date Quality Results

We are having our ISO-9001 Quality Management System Audit In November.

For the first nine months of this year, our Customer Acceptance Rate has been 99%
and On-Time-Delivery has been 98%.


Hansen Industries Ltd. Sponsors Vanier Cyclocross Race

Hansen Sponsors the Vanier Park Cyclocross Race



MP&P Article - Hansen Industries Ltd.

Hansen Industries Ltd. has been recognized by Metalworking, Production & Purchasing
as a leader in automation.

Hansen Industries Ltd. is a leader in automation.


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Opera Singer or Lump of Coal?


Here is what is going out the door today.

Black Anodized Bracket


Susan Boyle


Hansen Industries Employees


Look at what are we machining today!


Another reason not to buy your kid a bicycle!


ISO Survey Results are in!

Each Year we survey our customers and ask for feedback, good or bad.

 Here are the results of the 2012 customer survey.



Do not try this at home!


16 or our staff dressed up for our Costume Contest


Halloween Costume Contest - This year's winner is a can of WD-40!

Costume Contest


I bet you cannot watch this without shedding a tear!


Go Canucks




Customer Production Jig

One of our customers asked us to build a jig to speed up their production.

Production Jig


Richmond Hospital Foundation

For several years we have supported the Richmond Hospital Foundation. This is somewhat selfish in that when our employees get hurt, this is where they will end up. Thank you Richmond Hospital!


Mitsubishi NX Laser Cutting Video


Danny is at it again!!


We have a new baby named VF-4!

Our new HAAS VF-4 Vertical Milling machine is here!



















Our latest HAAS VF-4 has XYZ travels of 50" x 20" x 25" (1270 x 508 x 635 mm), rigid tapping, 40-tool side mount Tool Changer, 2-speed gear box, through spindle coolant, 10,000 rpm spindle, 20hp vector drive, 40 taper, wireless Renishaw probe system and a multi-auger chip converyor system. 

This brings our HAAS count to 5 vertical machining centres that range from a HAAS Super Mini-mill up to a VF-6. If your work is looking for a new home, we think we have found a place for it.


Bjorn Hansen, our company founder turns 75 on April 29, 2010.

Bjorn Hansen turns 75!


Waterjet Machining Sample

4mm x 110 mm diameter aluminum disk.

This is a waterjet machined part shows the precision that can be achieved using our OMAX 55100 waterjet machine. This 4mm thick x 110mm diameter disk is made from aluminum. We have a 3-axis Tilt-A-Jet head that controls and eliminates taper, a common problem in waterjet cutting.


We are one of the larger Manufacturers in Richmond

We have been recognized as one of the larger manufacturers in Metro Vancouver

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Machined Aluminum Block


Waterjet Cut Bikes


These bikes are one inch long and cut out of aluminium on a waterjet machining centre!


Open House

Open House Nov. 19, 2009

What a great success! Over 140 guests came to Hansen Industries for our Open House. Bjorn Hansen, our president came out of retirement to cut the ribbon to mark the successful installation of our Mitsubishi Laser Processing System.

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OK, This sport will not have mass appeal!

Click above or below for the video.



We passed our ISO-9001 2008 audit!

On November 3, 2009 Hansen Industries passed our upgrade audit to ISO-9001 2008. 


Bring Your Kid To School Day!

Meet our new President!

November 4th, 2009 was "Bring Your Kid to School Day" so M.B., our Business Development representative, brought her son Aaron to Hansen Industries Ltd. Our President and Aaron decided to trade places for a day; Ed was upset to be away from the office. Aaron sold some scrap metal for cash, implemented extended recess and Gym Class and organized a company Play called "Test our Mettle". Ed spent most of the day getting his rare earth magnet unstuck from body piercings, choosing a tattoo, planting a tree and finally selling the Carbon Offsets to Hansen Industries for cash, no GST. Aaron can't go back to school until he can explain how his substitute made a smoke bomb out of three inert powders found in the chemistry lab.

"Our New President"

"Our New Port Moody High School Student"


Laser Cut Parts

Lasers are ideal for parts that have curves!


We bought something Red!


Hansen Industries Golf Tournament

Why is it the same 4 guys win every year?



Are you a risk taker?

Higher precision then Hansen Industries?

We take pride on delivering precision products on time but this guy has gone one step further than we normally do. He has certainly raised the bar.

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Cardiac Classic

Hansen Industries sponsors the Cardiac Classic Bike Fest, a Cross Country Mountain Bike Race on Burnaby mountain. The West Coast Racing club has worked with SFU and several other associations to bring back racing at Burnaby mountain. This year the race was held on June 28th, 2009 and was the 2009 BC Provincial XC Championships. Check out the results!

cross country

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Danny MacAskill

Take away your kid's bikes because this is what they are watching on U-tube. Danny MacAskill is going to be famous real soon (like this week)! 


An assembly ready to go.

Galvanized Assembly


Cliff Jumping

You tell me when you are finished watching this video.
This is what we do when we get bored of bending metal.

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

1st song: Contact - Violence
2nd: Diz Organ & Sackcloth Fashion - Under Man


Go-Cart Racing

26 Employees went Go Cart Racing and if you have not tried it, do it. It made us all forget about the recession for a couple of hours.

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We have a Hansen Industries Ltd. Facebook site where we post some of the things that our employees do when they are not working. Check it out!


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