How much will this part cost?

And the answer is ............. it depends on the following:

Quantity per run, the state of your drawings, type of material, number of finishes and fasteners, tolerances you have asked for, workmanship expectations, do you want it yesterday?, your ability to answer our questions in a timely manner, how soon can you get us a purchase order.

How long will it take?

And the answer is ............. it depends on most of what you read above under how much it costs.

We have produced prototypes on the same day and some parts take 4 weeks. Many customers who want 24 hour delivery have us run Kanban systems. We run a second shift so we can often do CAD work during the day and run the parts at night. Complex assemblies take longer than flat parts that require only one process. Don't specify fasteners and colours that no one can get or produce.

How long does it take to quote?

Our goal is to turn around quotes in 24 hours or less. If it is going to take longer, our policy is that we will call you and tell you when we expect to get the quote to you. If this is not happening, call the President because he would like to know why we are not following our written quality procedures.

How many languages do we speak?

About 20. We employ people from all around the world. If you do not speak English, e-mail us and we will have someone call you back who speaks in your language.

What is a CNC machine?

CNC is an acronym for Computer Numerical Controlled. We have 24 CNC machines that turn raw metal and plastic into finished parts. The programming of these machines is done both in the office and at the machine controllers, depending on the application.

How can I get my parts quicker?

Ask. We often quote standard lead times but we can often beat this. Supply us with good drawings (.dxf, .sldprt, .iges, and .pdf for inspection) and a purchase order that is legible. We will respond with an order confirmation and it helps if the customer reviews this document because we confirm the delivery date and price. If we have technical questions, respond quickly. Often a job is held up because we cannot clarify a missing dimension.

I am upset at Hansen Industries Ltd., what do I do?

Call Ed Beange at 604-278-2223, extension 319. I own the company and I want to keep you as a customer. I do not block my calls. I grew up poor in Sudbury, Ontario and I am easy to talk to and you can swear at me in English, French and Ukrainian.

What takes longer to make, a sheet metal or machined part?

There is no hard or fast rule but in general a sheet metal part has many more steps. Where as a machined part can often be done in one or two setups on one machine, a sheet metal part can easily go through 13 steps. CAD, shearing, punching, bending, fastener insertion, joining assemblies, welding, grinding, inspection, masking, finishing, silk screening, inspection, shipping to customer.

Do you have automation?

Yes! We have CNC and traditional punch presses, a laser, lathes and a robotic welder that have automatic load and unload capability. Many of our machine can run unnattended which brings your part cost down. We have decoilers, bar code machines, serial number stampers, multi-tools, and air feeders that try to take the labour out of the part cost.