Trumpf Punch Presses

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We have three CNC punch presses which are programmed using Merry Mechanization's SMP 3D modeling and tool-path software. The Trumpf machines use an integrated linear tool magazine on a rail that accepts pre-aligned tool cartridges. Off-line tool alignment almost eliminates the tool alignment set-up downtime that turret style punch presses inevitably have.  

Our newest machine is a TRUMPF 2020R with loader/unloader and multi-tool option.

Trumpf 2020 Specifications
Punching Force 20 tons
Max. Simultaneous X/Y Speed

4300 inch/min.

Max. Stroke Rate (Punching) 900/min. (2200/min marking)
360 Degree Tool Rotation 3 rotations/sec.
Max. Sheet Thickness 0.25 inch
Tool Stations 19 (190 with MultiTool) and 2 clamps
Working Range (X,Y) 100 inch x 50 inch

We also have two TRUMPF TC200Rs which use an integrated linear magazine on a rail running parallel to the x-axis of the machine. There are 17 stations on the rail; however, only 15 stations are used for tooling since each clamp takes up a station. In three of the stations we have 6-tool multi-tools, providing us with an effective total capacity of 30 auto-indexable stations. As a result of the linear magazine tooling rail, tool setup time is reduced dramatically.

The table limit of the TC200R is 80" x 50" without a reposition, which allows us to load full sheets into the machine without an extra shearing operation. The punching capacity of the machine is 20 tons with a maximum sheet thickness of 0.25". Travel speed in the x-axis is 60 m/min, 40 m/min in the y-axis. The machine is capable of a maximum stroke rate of 420 hits per minute. 

This is a YouTube Video of the Trumpf Punching Head in action.


For more information you can visit the Trumpf website.